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1Connect provides a symmetric data connection which utilises the full bandwidth available to haul the phone calls back to the local phone exchange. This is the only thing that 1Connect has in common with VoIP. Whereas with VoIP all of the phone calls and data travel together over the internet, with 1Connect, the connection to the internet is completely seperate from the voice traffic which travels seperately over a private network into the regular phone network. This technology is commonly known as VoDSL (Voice Over Digital Subscriber Line).


TALKSCAPE™ 1Connect can significantly reduce your communication expenses by:

1. Providing low call rates for local, national, international as well as calls to mobiles
2. Completely eliminating flagfall/connection fees on all long distance & calls to mobiles
3. Reducing business line rental costs to under $30
4. Providing a business grade 512k SHDSL broadband connection including 3GB data at no cost

If you need a faster connection or more data, we can provide that too. Click here to see more options.

1Connect can either supplement or completely replace your current phone as well as fax lines. All of the usual functions such as hunt groups, call forwarding and more are available. We can port your existing phone numbers across, including 1300 and 1800 numbers.


Local Calls


National Calls (No Flagfall Fees)


Calls to ANY Mobile Phone (No Flagfall Fees)


Monthly Line Rental / Line


The following conditions apply to the 1Connect service:

1. You must have a minimum of 4 lines and a phone bill of at least $400/month to qualify
2. The service is currently only available from a limited number of exchanges in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Perth
3. The minimum term of this service is 24 months


Call us now on 1300 666 760 to see if you are eligible to start saving with 1Connect.

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