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Q. What is TALKSCAPE™ ?

A. TALKSCAPE™ is a telephone service that bypasses the major carriers for the most part of supplying call services. TALKSCAPE™ VoIP provides either some or all of it's communications over IP based networks such as private networks and the internet. TALKSCAPE™ converts the voice signal from your telephone into a digital signal that travels over the internet then converts it back at the other end so you can speak to anyone with a regular phone number. Where a regular phone is called, the service then rejoins the public phone network.

TALKSCAPE™ 1Connect also bypasses the major carriers however unlike VoIP which travels across the internet 1Connect uses DSL infrastructure to deliver services without actually traversing the internet.


Q. What is the call quality like?

A. The quality of a VoIP call is in most cases non distinguishable from a regular call to both users. Because the call travels over your network connection, one of the biggest factors that influences call quality is your internet connection. The worst quality call is usually better than a regular mobile phone call.

TALKSCAPE™ 1Connect sounds like any ordinary phone call and is not subject to traffic congestion on your internet connection.


Q. Why is it cheaper

A. The reason that a TALKSCAPE™ call is cheaper than a regular call is because rather than the call travelling along the telephone company's network, the call will travel part of the way at least over alternative routes.


Q. How Can I Place a TALKSCAPE™ Call?

A. Pick up your phone and dial the number. With TALKSCAPE™ VoIP, you can use either an IP Phone or a regular phone that connects to your existing high-speed Internet connection via a gateway. The call goes over the Internet to the called party's local telephone company for the completion of the call. Another way is to utilize a microphone headset plugged into your computer with some installed software. The number is placed using the keyboard and is routed through your broadband modem.


Q. Who can I call?

A. You can call almost any phone number, anywhere in the world. The call can be made to a local number, a mobile phone, to a long distance number, or an international number. You may even utilize the service to speak with more than one person at a time. The person you are calling does not need any special equipment, just a phone.


Q. Can I use my Computer While I talk on the Phone?

A. Yes


Q. Can I Use My TALKSCAPE™ Service When I Travel?

A. You may be able to use your TALKSCAPE™ service wherever you travel as long as you have a high speed Internet connection available. In that case it would work the same as from your home or business.


Q. Do the people I am calling also need to have a TALKSCAPE™ service?

A. No, you can call anyone from your TALKSCAPE™ service, regardless of whether you are calling a mobile phone, landline or another TALKSCAPE™ customer. Of course, if you are using TALKSCAPE™ VoIP and the other party does have a TALKSCAPE™ VoIP service then the call is a FREE call.


Q. If TALKSCAPE™ VoIP is so good, why do I need to keep at least one regular phone service?

A. The cost savings from using TALKSCAPE™ are based on your dialled calls and not your incoming calls. Therefore it makes sense to keep your line for the incoming calls and use TALKSCAPE™ for your outbound calls. Also it makes sense to have a backup phone service in case your internet connection goes down.


Q. How does a business integrate TALKSCAPE™ into a PABX?

A. A PABX can handle many lines and generally, it doesn't care what those lines are. The work is done in the programming of the PABX which directs calls from the various handsets out over the lines. You program it to accept incoming calls via your existing phone lines and then allow local, national, international and calls to mobiles out over the TALKSCAPE™ service. This allows you to reduce the number of regular lines and replace many of them with TALKSCAPE™.

TALKSCAPE™ 1Connect is integrated in the same way however it replaces all of your existing lines.


Q. Does my Computer Have to be Turned on to make a VoIP call?

A. Not if you are making calls with a TALKSCAPE™ PHONE or special TALKSCAPE™ gateway, but your broadband Internet connection needs to be active. You can also use your computer while talking on the phone. Your computer only needs to be on if you are making calls with the Soft Phone or the USB Phone.


Q. Can we have multiple lines with one broadband connection?

A. Absolutely. Lines are not the issue when it comes to using TALKSCAPE™ VoIP. The only limitation is how much bandwidth you have on your broadband connection.


Q. Do extra lines cost extra?

A. There is no extra charge for additional users on TALKSCAPE™ VoIP however you will need to take into account the hardware requirements and bandwidth needs.

There are extra line rental charges for additional lines on TALKSCAPE™ 1Connect.


Q. How much bandwidth do I need?

A. Each VoIP call uses about 24KB of bandwidth. You need to look at your internet connection and identify the slowest speed. So if you are on a 1500K/256K ADSL connection, then the most bandwidth you could use is up to 256K. This would allow you to have up to 10 simultaneous calls, assuming there is no other downloading going on. However whilst this is the theoretical maximum, we would advise you to use only up to 4 calls so that there is some buffer.


Q. How much data will a call use?

A. It is important to understand that making calls over your internet connection will transfer data in both directions. A 10 minute call will download about 1.8mb. You should ensure that you have an internet plan that takes this into account.


Q. Can I make Emergency calls to 000?

A. Yes, however we recommend that you don't. As your service is virtual, emergency services would not know where to locate you. TALKSCAPE™ services are not meant to replace your primary lines but to complement them.


Q. Can I make calls to 13, 1300 or 1800 numbers?

A. Yes you can.


Q. How Do I Know If I have an incoming TALKSCAPE™ phone Call?

A. It will ring like any other call.



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