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Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP has become an industry buzz-word over the last few years. VoIP has been heralded as disruptive new technology that will deliver cheap phone calls. New VoIP service providers are springing up like mushrooms offering the best service ever.

Unfortunately, VoIP services can vary significantly in quality and features. As you might have already experienced:

  • VoIP quality is often poor. You or your phone caller’s voice may echo, there appears to be a delay and/or sound levels can be low.
  • You have to provide your own Internet access.
  • You need to keep your telephone service, because without it you can’t get a broadband DSL service.
  • You can’t keep your existing numbers when using VoIP for business.

So how is our product offering different?

It’s truly business-grade and that makes it unique in today’s market!

Business-grade VoIP means that

  1. Calls are carried over a carrier-grade private network and NOT over the Internet.
    Talkscape VoIP uses a Tier 1 network and as a result, high voice quality and security are guaranteed! Nothing’s going to interfere with this network! In fact, we are so confident about the voice quality of our Talkscape VoIP service that we guarantee it!
  2. The access to Talkscape VoIP services is a complete solution.
    You don’t need to provide your own access, because it’s already included in Talkscape VoIP. And, because we’re using business-grade broadband DSL access with quality of service controls, you can be assured that you receive a high-quality service.
  3. Quality of Service (QoS) enabled network elements are used to consistently deliver high performance end-to-end.
    This means your voice calls will always get highest priority throughout the network over applications such as Web downloads and file transfers.
  4. You won’t notice any difference between the quality of our VoIP service and your old PSTN phone line.
    The quality of telephony services is normally measured by what is called a MOS (Mean Opinion Score) rating. A rating of 4.0 or more is generally regarded as a good quality service equivalent to the traditional PSTN services. The Talkscape VoIP MOS rating is 4.0 and hence you can be confident that the phone calls you make and receive are of sound quality - which is important when you are a business talking to customers and suppliers.
  5. There is no loss of voice quality with the compression used in our network.
    In contrast to Voice over Internet offerings, Talkscape VoIP achieves these high MOS ratings by using a QoS network combined with advanced voice codecs that do not aggressively compress the voice signals. This is important, because the more aggressive the used voice compression is, the lower the voice quality. Not with Talkscape VoIP!

If a VoIP service claims to be business-grade, but doesn’t meet the above criteria, then it’s most likely Voice over Internet, which is definitely not business-grade!


Save money, time and headaches with an all-in-one phone, broadband, Internet and VPN package

Talkscape VoIP is a fully-managed business-grade VoIP solution that connects with your current analogue phone system or handsets. As a result, with Talkscape VoIP you can now enjoy the cost savings of VoIP while still getting the most out of your existing analogue PBX or key telephone system (KTS).

If you do not have an existing phone system or are considering upgrading then you can move directly to using IP phones which are inexpensive in comparison.

Month after month, you’ll enjoy the savings that Talkscape VoIP can deliver by integrating your telephone, broadband, Internet, Virtual Private Network (VPN) and remote access into one simple, affordable solution.

And, you have our guarantee that our Talkscape VoIP solution delivers consistent, quality voice calls!

Features, features, features!

Business as Usual

Use the phones, features and infrastructure of your existing analogue PBX or KTS or directly connected handsets.

Secure Remote Office Access

Access your business network anytime, anywhere away from your office.

Converged Voice, Internet and IP VPN

Reduce charges for line rentals, IT support costs and enjoy a single point of contact.

Number Portability

Keep your existing numbers, even when you relocate within the same city.

Flexible Product Option

Choose only Voice or combine with Internet or VPN depending on your communications needs.


Upgrade your business communications as your business grows.

More Phones for Less

Increase the number of phones without buying an expensive phone system.

Fast and unlimited Internet

Get unlimited 2Mbps ADSL broadband Internet access.

Advanced Voicemail Option

Receive messages via email (WAV file) or web.

Find-Me-Follow-Me Option

Have more than one phone ring so the call reaches you wherever you are.

Hunt Groups

Route calls to others when unanswered or busy, at no extra charge.

4-digit Dialling

Call between sites just like an inter-office call.

Inbound Caller ID

Available if you have existing ID display, at no extra charge.

Turn Caller ID On/Off

On outgoing calls.


Talkscape VoIP’s key benefits at a glance!

No set-up costs

For all eligible customers receiving standard installation of Talkscape VoIP, you won’t need to purchase expensive new telecom hardware. Even the router is included at no charge.

Nothing to lose

It works with most popular analogue phone systems so your existing investments can be protected and utilised.

FREE calls

If you have multiple sites connected, calls between offices are free. We can also cost-effectively configure a secure VPN between your sites to interconnect your LANs.

Save time

Enjoy lightning fast broadband connections (2M/384k) with unlimited download. Think of the time you’ll save NOT waiting for Internet information to be downloaded.

Save with Talkscape’s highly competitive rates

Low local, long distance, international and Internet rates.

Keep your numbers

Talkscape VoIP allows you to keep your existing phone numbers including toll-free numbers.

Keep in touch

Regardless of whether you or your employees work from home or are on the road, Talkscape VoIP allows for easy integration of remote workers back into your company’s phone and data network. You not only save time, but also reduce your phone bill even further.

All from one

Get all your communications requirements delivered via one single broadband link - in one single product package with a single point of accountability for the delivery and performance of these services. Sit back and relax. No need to worry about any multi-sourcing of your telecommunication services anymore.


Establishment Charges

Installation Including ATA & Standard Router
Installation Including ATA & Upgraded Router

Monthly Charges

Line Rental (4-6 lines inc line hunt)
Line Rental (7-45 lines inc line hunt)
Line Rental (4-45 lines) - Regional
Broadband Internet (UNLIMITED)
$30 per phone line
Additional Extensions (beyond no. voice lines)

Local Calls to ANY Regular Phone


National Calls to ANY Regular Phone (No Flagfall Fees)


Calls to ANY Mobile Phone (No Flagfall Fees)


Calls from ANY TALKSCAPE™ VoIP User to ANY Other TALKSCAPE™ VoIP User, Local or National
Line hunt
CLI blocking
Call Forwarding Always
Call Forwarding Busy
Call Forwarding No Answer
Call Hold
Call Transfer
Call Waiting
Three-Way Calling
Voicemail (per user)
Find me, Follow Me (per user)

Amendment Charges

Upgrade from Standard to Upgraded Router
Addition of New Voice Lines for Existing Services
Failure to Provide On-Site Access for Technician

Speed Upgrade Options (Monthly)




TALKSCAPE™ VoIP is a business grade voice service and in order for it to achieve the highest quality, the service will be supplied over a managed link including hardware to maintain Quality of Service (QOS). As such the service is subject to a 24 month minimum contract term.

The service is not available in all locations and is subject to conditions including distance from the exchange, speed limitations and other issues beyond the control of Talkscape.

The customer is responsible for providing the telephone handsets or equipment on which to make calls. Talkscape can assist with this process on a case by case basis.

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